Product Data Management

epaCUBE’s Product Data Management suite enables companies to evaluate vendor changes in item information before processing those changes into production. It is a powerful solution that cleanses and improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration with internal systems and outside trading partners.

Distributor Pricing Science

epaCUBE’s Distributor Pricing Science suite thinks of pricing like a distributor.  We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices, and how consistency helps in developing relationships with customers.   Watch this video who learn how epaCUBE can enable you to strategically manage prices, and guide you in setting optimal levels for maximum…


Increase Your Gross Margin

Analyze, Model, Manage and Optimize Gross Profits epaCUBE’s Gross Profit Optimization Suite provides users with modeling analytics to drive gross profit improvement. Clearly understand, model & manage impact of cost changes on pricing & gross margin Create “What If” scenarios to analyze the FUTURE impact of change on gross margin Alerts to “Gross Margin Improvement Opportunities” for…


What are the Top (3) Organizational or Operational Issues when implementing a Price Optimization Strategy?

#1: Data: The Achilles Heel of Price Optimization Projects… One of the critical ingredients and perhaps the “Achilles Heel” of a price optimization project is the accuracy and completeness (in that order) of the underlying data supporting the effort. I put accuracy before completeness as companies often start with a sub-set of data and focus…