epaCUBE’s Product Data Management

The early warning solution to manage and synchronize Product and Supplier information across your business

epaCUBE’s Product Data Management suite lets you evaluate vendor changes in item information before processing those changes into production.

Clean, Synchronize and Improve Your Product Data

A Central Platform to Manage and Synchronize Product and Supplier information across your business

Quality, synchronized product data is the fuel distributors require for their supply chain, production and pricing systems.


  • Reclaim an average of 0.75% in lost margin due to costs associated with the impact of bad product data on your business
  • Stop costly problems associated with shipping, billing, warehouse tracking and web site ordering due to bad or out of date product data

Data Mapping Utility Maps Product Data Files From Any Source

epaCUBE Data Mapping Utility is a data transformation tool designed for the business end user to easily map product data files from any supplier or from any other ASCII data source into the epaCUBE Product Data Management system.

  • Graphical Point and Click ETL Tool for Business Users
  • Easily load data from one system to another, from flat files into a system, or to generate flat files for complete portability
  • Transformation functionality can be further enhanced by the use of simple Microsoft Excel, Access, or Visual Basic commands
  • Built-in wizards support the transformation of data with point-and-click functionality
  • Save Time for both Business Users and IT
  • Relieve mapping burden from IT for day to day vendor cost update files

Fuzzy Logic integrates, merges, purges and consolidates Master Data

epaCUBE is a graphical solution that takes the challenge out of item master consolidation, acquired companies product data integration and simplifies the tasks of data cleansing and item conversions.

epaCUBE enables companies to easily find common items and merge disparate data from multiple item masters into one, even when the standard cross-references are not in use (UPC, Vendor Part Number, etc.).

Whether your company is consolidating multiple legacy systems into an ERP, or acquiring other companies and assimilating their systems into yours, epaCUBE will add levels of efficiency and accuracy not otherwise available.

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