epaCUBE Profit Optimizer

Easily maximize opportunities for gross profit improvement through optimized pricing.

Embedded Best Practices

Our epaCUBE solution automatically calculates and identifies your gross profit opportunities. You immediately see where you can take action to improve gross profit.

Push-button Statistical Analysis

Our approach analyzes your sales history to create minimum and maximum ranges, a statistical floor and ceiling and a target price. This allows you to find profit and sales building opportunities quickly.

World-Class Product & Customer Segmentation

Our approach helps you build world-class product and customer segmentation. Dig deeper than just customer size or industry code and build segmentation based on similar profitability, buying power, and cost to serve characteristics that support the concept that “like customers buying like products, should pay a similar price.”

Price Optimizer helps you do your pricing work faster

epaCUBE’s ePO software helps you do the work you used to have to build in complex spreadsheets. It’s the supercharger for your pricing engine.

Built by Distributors for Distributors

World class data analytics and software paired with our B2B Distribution pricing professionals to help you build market-level pricing that wins orders and helps you take share.

10X Returns

Increase profitability and get a 10x return on investment with epaCUBE’s pricing optimization software.

Easy to Use

Managing your pricing has never been easier or more profitable.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced pricing leaders help you strategically change prices, guide you in best practices, and monitor pricing changes to gain margin without sacrificing top-line sales.

Your Experience

Easily validate and adjust optimized recommendations based on your experience.

Optimized pricing drives sales and profits

No More Guessing - Data Driven Results

epaCUBE’s Price Optimizer software is designed to help you get paid for your value as a distributor. Our team of experienced pricing leaders, working with our software, helps you to know when to strategically change prices and guide you in setting the levels.

Get Started With These Steps

The path to profitable pricing is easy.

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Increase profitability and get a 10x return with epaCUBE’s pricing optimization software.

Managing your pricing has never been easier or more profitable. Book a Free Consultation and work with our B2B Distribution Pricing experts to implement a solution that works for your business.