Video: Six Simple Changes That Lead To Higher Profit

Here are six simple changes you can make right now that lead to higher profits in your company.

  1. Fix Your customer and product segmentation. epaCUBE Segment Optimizer makes it easy to analyze, adjust and create new segments in minutes so the right customers get the right price for the right product.
  2. Employ data-driven pricing. You’re making pricing decisions everyday. With epaCUBE, you can be certain your decisions are correct with up-to-date pricing data. We have many built-in best practices and profit plays that immediately help you identify simple pricing changs to make to drive new profit on a daily basis.
  3. Reduce or even eliminate costly price overrides. Do you allow your reps to set your prices with overrides? a 1% price discount kills so much profit that you’d need to increase your sales volume by 20% just to break even. When your pricing matrix is data-driven, your reps trust your pricing and make fewer overrides, helping you hold onto more profit.
  4. Make pricing your core competency. Pricing is the most important element of your profitability and customer relationship and you need to be in control. With epaCUBE, you get industry-leading price optimization software and a team of experts who meet with you regularly to make sure you are constantly and quickly driving new profit improvement.
  5. Get a handle on your pricing contracts. Thanks to inflation and vendor cost increases, you are losing an average of 7% on your out-of-date pricing contracts. epaCUBE Contract Manager allows you to track all of your contracts, set notifications and make sure they are priced profitably using the power of epaCUBE Profit Optimizer.
  6. Keep score. How can you expect to improve your profitability if you’re not tracking the impact of your pricing decisions? epaCUBE’s Performance Scorecard allows you to track the most important measures of your pricing success in one easy to understand screen. While pricing managers, sales reps and branch managers often love to drill into various levels of detail with products and customers, executives like the two-minute overview of pricing successes the scoreboard provides.

epaCUBE users are making 2% to 4% or more gross profit improvement through price optimization. Isn’t it time you took some simple steps to fix your pricing today?