Did Big Software Leave You with Big Questions? Here’s How epaCUBE is Different

If you’re in distribution or manufacturing, using pricing technology to help protect and grow your company’s profit margins in the face of rising costs is a smart move. Given our background in the industry, the epaCUBE team knows firsthand that tracking prices in spreadsheets is often tedious and time-consuming. We also understand that if it’s the only system you know, learning something new might seem daunting.

Here’s the good news: epaCUBE’s pricing optimization software is designed FOR distributors BY distributors. That means we understand the pricing complexity that distributors face daily and have developed a pricing solution accordingly.

Here’s the thing: We’re not like big software companies that sell you their product and leave you alone to figure it out. When you partner with epaCUBE, we’ve got your back and want you to succeed. But what does this mean?

epaCUBE Stays with You Every Step of the Way

Customers have repeatedly told us they struggle to get the attention of other software companies and vendors if they need help. They sell them a product, promise support, and disappear. On the other hand, those who partner with epaCUBE tell us they notice how we live up to our word.

“We hear that all the time,” said Donny Novak, Director of Customer Success at epaCUBE. “Software companies say, ‘We’re here to support you, whatever you need.’ We actually do what we say. We’re still with them. We’re always with them. With other software companies, that’s not the case.”

We’re not going anywhere, and we’re proud that for over 21 years, our customers know that we mean it.

Guiding Customers Through a Customized Pricing Approach

epaCUBE’s pricing optimization software identifies opportunities for customers to improve profit margins. But it’s also so much more than that. We work with you to identify pain points and create a solution unique and customized to your individual needs. We also realize any new software comes with a learning curve. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. We happily guide our customers through each phase of their new system.

From data validation to customer segmentation to implementation and answering your questions, epaCUBE is here to help. We’ll guide and mentor you, provide training videos, and have regular meetings until you and your staff are confident with the system.

“The whole goal is to get our customers confident and comfortable with the software,” Novak explained.

Even when you’re cruising smoothly along in the driver’s seat, unique pricing situations or questions might arise, and the epaCUBE support team is ready and willing to lend a hand.

Gaining Data Visibility Unlocks Profit Margin Opportunities

Other software companies use black-box pricing systems that take in data and generate prices with an unknown algorithm. However, this technology doesn’t help you understand how to maximize profits.

By comparison, epaCUBE’s glass-box approach uses historical sales data to segment your customers and products into categories with common characteristics.

Breaking customers out into these groups helps distributors gain data visibility that unlocks profit margin opportunities that spreadsheets don’t reveal. It also enables you to set the right prices for the right customers at the right time.

For example, maybe the sales team gave a small-volume customer a big discount for emotional reasons. Pricing optimization software can identify the issue and suggest a better price.

Putting an Expert Eye on Data Exceptions

Given their extensive distribution background, the epaCUBE team also recognizes special deals and situational pricing to exclude from the data analysis.

“Whenever we look at data, we’re looking at it from a pricing perspective and helping coach them along the way,” said Novak. “If they went out and made a deal and sold a million dollars at a 2% margin, that in no way reflects what their everyday price or market price should be.”

epaCUBE leverages its industry experience to identify and carve out these data exceptions that can skew a company’s data. Competitive software companies might lack this discretionary expert eye. “The data never lies, but sometimes there’s a story behind it.”

“We’re looking for things that we’ve been exposed to for 20-plus years,” Novak added. “We coach them to look for it, and at the same time, help them to do the process. So, we’re fishing while we teach them how to fish.” 

Optimizing Prices Increases Operating Profits and Generates Big ROI

epaCUBE team members know that distributors are busy and don’t have much spare time. That said, optimizing prices should be a top priority. Improving prices by 1% can translate into an operating profit increase of 11.1% or more. epaCUBE pricing optimization customers enjoy 10X, or more in ROI. It’s hard to find that kind of ROI in other investments you might make.  

Standing out from the big software guys for reasons like these means the world to us here at epaCUBE, and we can’t wait to help you thrive and succeed.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free consultation where we will meet with you, learn about your business, and build out your customized solutions.


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