“It’s a data and pricing analytical tool to help you understand and maximize your margins.”
David Laxton
Johnstone Supply, Raliegh, NC

Distributor Pricing: Consistency in a Multi-Channel Environment

In today’s dynamic marketplace, customers have more options than ever before when it comes to purchasing products. They could be buying through various channels such as inside sales, counter, outside sales representatives, e-commerce platforms, or integrating directly into their systems through punch out options. However, maintaining pricing consistency across these diverse channels can be challenging yet crucial for sustainable success.

During this webinar, we will delve into strategies and best practices for establishing and maintaining consistent pricing strategies. Our expert will discuss:

  • The importance of pricing consistency in enhancing customer trust and loyalty.
  • Challenges and pitfalls to avoid when implementing pricing strategies across multiple channels.
  • Leveraging data insights to identify and address discrepancies in pricing.
  • Practical tips for optimizing pricing strategies to achieve efficiency and profitability.

Whether you’re a seasoned distribution leader or new to the industry, this webinar promises valuable insights and actionable takeaways to drive your distribution business forward.

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Distributor Pricing: Consistency in a Multi-Channel Environment

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