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David Laxton
Johnstone Supply, Raliegh, NC

4 Steps to Aligning Your Pricing Team With Your Sales Team

Are your sales and pricing teams at odds on a regular basis? Do you find that margin goals aren’t being met? This tug-of-war between departments often impedes progress, as each side is quick to blame the other for unmet goals. Instead of working together towards a common objective, the departments find themselves caught up in a cycle of finger-pointing and discord. This ongoing conflict not only hampers collaboration but creates a barrier to achieving desired outcomes. So how can companies find a way to end the battle between their departments? Alignment in company culture of course!

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Obtaining support and collaboration across all departments and levels of management
  • Sharing your company’s vision for growth
  • How to measure your progress using benchmarks
  • And establishing operational systems and structures

At epaCUBE, we are dedicated to walking you through the four essential steps to improve departmental collaboration and get you back on the right track to making your goals. Let’s end the game of tug-of-war together and foster a united front within your company!

Watch the On-Demand Webinar:

4 Steps to Aligning Your Pricing Team With Your Sales Team

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