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Want to see how we achieved 10X ROI? See these case studies:

Case Study 1: Oakland CA

Situational Overview: 

The Oakland, California, affiliate (5 locations) of Johnstone Supply sought to modernize and automate pricing to improve customer service and profitability.


  • Sales overriding prices from a matrix that was never maintained.
  • Inconsistent pricing impacted customer service and margins.
  • Dealing with customer calls and pricing issues took valuable time away from other important business activities.

Case Study 2: Wilmington NC

Situational Overview: 

After previous attempts to standardize pricing, the Wilmington, North Carolina, affiliate sought to create a unified pricing structure that would price customers based on purchasing volume.


  • With outside sales maintaining specialized contracts, there was inconsistent pricing on the same item that impacted customer service and productivity.
  • Creating a unified price structure for a 50-year-old business that had pricing managed by multiple personnel was tricky.
  • Needed one place to look up and manage customer contracts. No way to see what was sold, how many, and at what percentage, in order to analyze overall pricing and rank, as well as establish price points.