“It’s a data and pricing analytical tool to help you understand and maximize your margins.”
David Laxton
Johnstone Supply, Raliegh, NC

Follow These Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

Harness Your Value to Sell More Goods to More Customers

A glass box, data-driven pricing optimization system empowers your team to make the best pricing decisions and drives a high ROI. Visibility based on historical sales data is critical to managing the ever-changing distribution industry. Armed with epaCUBE’s purpose-driven software, your sales team can determine pricing that optimizes for customer segments, improves company culture, and fosters confidence in ERP data — ultimately boosting your bottom line and freeing up money for other projects.

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  • Prioritize projects that have the most significant impact on your bottom line 
  • Attract and retain quality customers
  • Get more money to fund additional projects
  • Build employee trust and boost profits

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Follow These Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

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