Case Study

Thinking Outside the Box with Boxx Technologies

How epaCUBE delivered 8X ROI within 18 weeks for a computer hardware manufacturer

For more than 26 years, BOXX Technologies has been a leading innovator in computer hardware manufacturing, yet they were curious if there was more they could do to maximize their profits.

Enter epaCUBE.

We have spent many years working with distribution companies to optimize pricing and boost profit managers. Working with BOXX Technologies allowed us to leverage that experience in the manufacturing industry with our leading profit optimization solutions.

In this case study, our price optimization software and data visibility tools uncovered how pricing discounts at BOXX were causing significant margin loss.

And the game-changing results speak for themselves.

  • Significant returns for BOXX to the tune of 8X ROI
  • Customer support to continually optimize and improve margins
  • Ongoing learning opportunities to maximize success

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BOXX Technologies Gains Data Visibility, Earns 8X ROI within 18 weeks with epaCUBE Pricing Optimization