“It’s a data and pricing analytical tool to help you understand and maximize your margins.”
David Laxton
Johnstone Supply, Raliegh, NC

The 6 Best-Kept Secrets of Pricing Control for Distributors

Is inflation preying on your profits?

In June 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased by a whopping 9.1 percent, the highest YoY increase in over 40 years. For distributors already on relatively thin margins, high CPI is eating profits faster than they can keep up.

Read our whitepaper and discover the pricing practices that distributors and wholesalers are using to successfully weather today’s difficult economic climate.

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Annual Revenue
Annual Revenue - To help us gauge your potential ROI

“According to our research, 79% of customers applying these 6 practices have completely avoided losing margin, even throughout 2021  and 2022’s rampant price increases.”

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