Gain Sales Adoption of Your Pricing Solution with epaCUBE’s Optimized Matrix Builder

When it comes to the default customer prices in your system:

  • Does your sales team feel it is wrong?
  • Do you lack consistency from one customer to the next?
  • Are you unable to load a complex pricing solution?

The adoption of a price matrix by sales is critical for long-term success. Using the results from the Optimized Segmentation Builder, epaCUBE uses an approval process to add the human factor to the math for a blended result.

epaCUBE Optimized Matrix Manager works directly with Optimized Segmentation Builder to deliver results:

  • Set prices as discounts from List or Base Cost, or apply a Cost Plus calculation
  • Allow matrix level approvals for entire segments by industry experts
  • View customer level prices online for sales to approve or counter

Having the ability to create robust price groups confirmed by both industry leaders and sales division assures there is ownership in the price solution.