epaCUBE Profit Optimizer®

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Focus on gross profit optimization is becoming more prevalent among wholesale distributors, and pricing is one of the most critical components in your ability to drive profits in your company. Distributors are adding as much as 2% to 4% or more to their gross profits by making pricing strategy a core competency of their business. Analyzing the effects of vendor cost changes can add even more to your bottom line. Unfortunately, analyzing cost changes and optimizing pricing in distribution can be complex and your sales history is ever changing. epaCUBE Profit Optimizer® quickly and easily identifies new opportunities for gross profit improvement.


epaCUBE Price Optimizer

epaCUBE Price Optimizer can help you create optimized pricing for gross profit gain by leveraging industry best practices embedded in the epaCUBE software, visualizing opportunities for gross profit improvement through optimized pricing, validating and adjusting the optimized recommendations based on your knowledge of your business and seeing a what-if impact of analysis of all optimized pricing changes.

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epaCUBE Segment Creator

What if you don’t have any segments for Price Optimizer to work with? What if you have too few, too many or the wrong segments set up? epaCUBE Segment Creator is an add-on module to epaCUBE Price Optimizer that allows you to build new segments and conduct a what-if analysis before implementing those changes.

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epaCUBE Sales Opportunities

What if you could increase your share of wallet by discovering which products your customers were purchasing from other sources? That would be like reporting on the invisible since competitive sales data is only available to your competitors and your data only reports on what your customers have already purchased from you. Thanks to the advanced predictive analytics inside of epaCUBE Sales Opportunities, now you can find out which products your customers should be buying from you but are not.

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