epaCUBE Margin Manager™ Helps You Manage, Model and Optimize all Aspects of Gross Profit

As a distributor have you ever faced these challenges?

  • Can you Easily manage, model and have visibility into all aspects of gross margin optimization?
  • Can you perform “what-if” scenarios, modeling the impact on gross profit of vendor cost changes or internal changes in pricing strategies across all your products, customers, sales force, and warehouses?
  • Can you ask questions about your cost and pricing plans and get answers quickly? Questions such as…
    • Throughout all my price matrices, where am I not making enough margin?
    • Which Items, matrices, and brackets?
    • Where am I not making enough margin on my special pricing agreements or pricing contracts?
    • Where are excessive price over-rides costing me gross margin loss?
    • Which items to which customers?
    • For any item, in which matrices and pricing contracts am I not making my margin?
    • In my current batch of vendor updates, which items are generating a margin squeeze, and how much will this affect my overall profits? By customer? By item?

Most distributors share these same problems. Fortunately, epaCUBE Margin Manager™ provides a visibility into all aspects of gross margin like never before possible.

“epaCUBE has taken us to the next level of automating all aspects of our business related to product data quality and improving our gross margin at the customer by product level.” — epaCUBE Distributor Customer

epaCUBE Margin Manager™ delivers real results

  • Powerful pricing and cost management routines will illuminate any margin degradation worming its way thru your gross profits
  • Reclaim and Add 2-6% or more gross margin due through visibility into the impact of changing costs, prices and rebates to your organization
  • Clearly see and understand the gross margin impact of a vendor update on your product mix
  • Obtain information to better negotiate net into stock, special pricing agreements or rebates with Suppliers
  • Understand the commercial impact of changing costs and pricing on your gross margin and your customer pricing

The old method of simply loading vendor cost updates with a cursory review or implementing new pricing practices blindly places your company at risk of losing gross margin and potentially creating commercial issues with customers.

According to the NAED (National Associate of Electrical Distributors) the average electrical distributor is losing 0.75% in gross margin each and every year due to bad product data related to product pricing.

Here’s How Margin Manager™ Works!

Already, many distributors just like you are taking advantage of the epaCUBE Margin Manager™ module to:

  • Gain Visibility and control manufacturer rebates, and accurately tracks chargebacks for improved gross margin
  • Create What If Scenarios to model the impact of changes to cost, rebate and customer pricing on your gross margin
  • Automate and streamlines pricing matrix and contract management.
  • Support complex costing requirements and analyze the impact of cost changes on margin, inventory valuation, and other key metrics
  • Provide visibility and control of manufacturer rebates, and accurately tracks special pricing agreements across the enterprise
  • Streamline pricing matrix and contract management
  • Defend and improve profitability (i.e, gross margins or even pocket margins)
  • Defend and grow sales without sacrificing margins
  • Improve governance and consistency in pricing practices and realized prices (like eliminating excessive price over ride discounts)
  • Increase organizational agility in tailoring pricing for specific market conditions or sales cycles.

See how Margin Manager™ and the entire epaCUBE Gross Profit Optimization Suite can help you keep all your systems running smoothly with “clean burning fuel” in the form accurate, up-to-date product data.