An Exclusive Forum For the Users of epaCUBE’s Price Optimization Software

epaCUBE Price Optimizer software will help us to see who our customers really are, how large and which items are important to them. This will help us to have more consistent pricing for similar customers and products. — Todd Rolleri, Pricing Manager, North Coast Electric Company

The epaCUBE Masters Pricing Group (eMPG) was designed to benefit our customers through education and discussion of strategies specific to the wholesale distribution industry. Members of this group use the epaCUBE’s price optimization software to derive solid price matrix solutions through optimizing buying relationships for customer and product segments.

We enable our customers’ visualization of pricing performance through easy to read graphics and reference points, taking the mystery out of building a pricing solution. The objective is to enhance their core competency in the foundation of their business: pricing and gross margin optimization.

We have been plugging along trying to get a handle on our pricing structure, but pretty much flying blind. After experiencing the early stages of the Price Optimizer product our expectations are very high that we will have greater clarity and be able to make more informed decisions going forward. This will be a great tool to get immediate results. — Tim Bloudek, Pricing Manager, BRAASCO

The attendees specifically focus on sharing best business practices with non-competing peers, and providing feedback to epaCUBE on software application functionality to build robust customer use case examples. Additionally, the eMPG meeting attendee’s get first look and the opportunity to offer feedback on Profit Optimizer enhancements and product development roadmap.

Developing excellence in pricing is a journey where many wholesale distributors contract third-party providers only to discover they do not understand their business. There is no need to take this journey alone; instead join counterparts in distribution, using software designed for distributors, led by professionals from distribution to assist in establishing a roadmap and goals to insure the on-going success in developing a core competency in pricing.

All epaCUBE Profit Optimizer customers have full access to the semi-annual epaCUBE sponsored eMPG meetings.