No Experience? No Problem.

We Partner With You for a Secure Outcome.

We have recently instituted a new approach to adopting our gross profit optimization software that has already shown amazing results as quickly as one week. We believe that in one week of working with epaCUBE, you’ll see new profit and pricing opportunities and identify the exact steps you need to take advantage of them.

We will actually run the system for you at first and then work with you to optimize it and perfect it. This can be a short-term way to jump-start your profit gains or you can continue to have epaCUBE distribution experts run the software for you if you lack the internal resources.

Once you are comfortable with the outcomes, we will consult with your management team to roll out effective adoption and success — and we’re going to stick around until your team is ready to drive profitability on their own. We have a proven mentoring program to bring your team up to speed for continuing gross profit.

Pricing Solutions That Make Sense

epaCUBE enables distributors to develop and enhance their “core competency” in data management, pricing and gross margin optimization. Distributor pricing is critical in maintaining profits. In fact, improving your pricing strategy can bring an extra 2-4% of gross margin to your bottom line. At epaCUBE, we want to enable our users to make pricing a strength. Our team of distribution experts is committed to helping either your in-house pricing team or your outsourced pricing consultant more effective through better segmentation and control of your pricing.

Develop Your Own Core Competency

We can help you with your immediate pricing strategy, but we’re also committed to training your team to develop their own core competency in pricing. We stand by our products with targeted and defined implementation roadmaps to help distributors quickly realize gross margin and product data quality gains.

Our implementation services extend beyond just our product knowledge. We offer a range of baseline implementation and business process optimization services that keep our clients at the forefront of their markets by aligning their processes with the industries’ best practices.