As a technology leader in the world of profit optimization software, epaCUBE has helped hundreds of distributors increase their gross margins. Distributors first come to epaCUBE for a variety of reasons:

  • They’re not growing their companies as fast as they had planned
  • They’re selling to the worst customer at the worst prices
  • Their sales people keep insisting on lowering prices yet they’re already losing money
  • Losing one or two major customers could crush them at any moment
  • They feel paralyzed because they don’t have the data they need to make the right decisions

But once they become happy epaCUBE customers they all have one thing in common: a better bottom line.

We’re so confident that you will find profitability gains deep inside your data that we’ve taken an unprecedented new approach to pricing optimization: we partner with you for a secure outcome.

This approach has already shown amazing results as quickly as one week. We believe that in one week of working with epaCUBE, you’ll see new profit and pricing opportunities and identify the exact steps you need to take advantage of them.

How do we accelerate our users’ success?

Available Today in the Cloud

First, we’ve made it easy to get started by offering our software in a cloud subscription model. That means you can immediately improve your gross profit without a large capital expenditure with the financial flexibility of a monthly payment. And there’s no need to purchase new equipment or increase your internal IT requirements. You’ll always have the most up-to-date version of the software. Read More

Kick-start Services

Next, to accelerate your path to gross profit gains and increase the return on your software investment, you even have the option to have our own experts run the software for you. You may decide that is the most efficient long-term solution for your team; however, we are also committed to mentoring your own internal team to build their strengths as profit and pricing experts. Either way, you’ll be building your own internal core competencies as epaCUBE stays with you to mentor and train your team to secure gross profit gains.The only limit to what you want to do with your pricing strategy is your imagination. With epaCUBE, you never have choose one deployment model over another and you can choose how you want your team and their solutions to grow. Read More

The epaCUBE Masters Pricing Group

The epaCUBE Masters Pricing Group (eMPG) was designed to benefit our customers through education and discussion of strategies specific to the wholesale distribution industry. Members of this group use the epaCUBE’s price optimization software to derive solid price matrix solutions through optimizing buying relationships for customer and product segments. Read More