DIY Pricing Solutions for Distributors

Pricing is one of the most critical components in your ability to drive profits in your company. Distributors are adding 4% or more to their gross profits by making pricing strategy a core competency of their business.

We want to help your team develop in-house pricing expertise:

  • Develop your own “pricing core competency” for 2-4% additional gross profit.
  • Blend science and art in your pricing optimization process.
  • Optimize your customer and product segmentation for more gross profit.
  • Involve your sales team to drive adoption.
  • Network with peers on best practices.
  • epaCUBE pricing experts to help you every step of the way.

Inside Experts or Outsourced Strategists, We Have the Industry’s Leading Technology

Pricing is one of the most critical components in your ability to drive profits in your company. Unfortunately, many distributors don’t feel like they have the pricing expertise in-house to handle the complexities of a solid pricing strategy.

epaCUBE’s Distributor Pricing Science suite thinks of pricing like a distributor. We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices, and how consistency helps in developing relationships with customers. Let epaCUBE enable you to know when to strategically change prices, and guide you in setting the levels.

A Pricing Strategy Road Map

Where are you on the journey to higher gross profits through optimized pricing?

Stage 1: Non-optimized Pricing and Gross Profit Loss

Every day many distributors are losing gross profit because of the complexity in pricing, competition and product data. Some are turning that complexity into a competitive advantage and adding 2 to 4% to bottom line.

Stage 2: Analyze and Optimize

Analyze your customer and product segments. Then optimize your pricing. epaCUBE software identifies the right price for each customer and product.

Stage 3: Approve and Review

Collaborate with your management team for strategy and tactics. epaCUBE leads and collaborates with your executives, sales and product teams to set the right strategy.

Stage 4: Design Processes, Review and Train

Create and implement processes for continuous improvements in your pricing optimization. epaCUBE helps create the processes and lead or consult with you through every step.

Stage 5: Build Optimized Pricing

Send your optimized pricing matrix to your ERP system. epaCUBE will ensure that all exports are working properly.

Stage 6: Train and Transition

Execute a step-by-step process to train your staff and successfully transition the daily execution to your team. The end result is that you become the pricing expert.