Pricing. Products. Promotions. Precision.

Manage The Most Mission Critical Data in a Single Hub

Managing the mission-critical data around your products, pricing, and promotions is exceptionally difficult. From wholesale to retail, data is disconnected across multiple systems. Yet, changes in product data, pricing information, vendor costs, direct-store-delivery tracking, promotions, customers information and more directly impact both your profitability and your competitive position. epaCUBE Precision brings all of your product, pricing and promotions into a single hub to make you more profitable and efficient.

How do you manage your products, pricing, promotion and profitability?

Pricing is complex at both the wholesale and retail level. You have to deal with data from multiple systems and companies, often with different levels of expertise, different units of measure and different approaches to their local markets. Multiple vendors might carry the same products with different costs, promotions and more. Add in direct store deliveries and other variables and the complexity of managing products, pricing and promotions can overwhelm many companies.

Precision brings all of your data for products, customers, vendors, costs, promotions and more into a single solution. Users don’t have to be experts in individual pricing and promotions systems. Vendor updates become easy to manage, providing you the ability to assess and address necessary changes in your sell prices and the impact on your margins. You’ll collect more chargebacks and improve competitive position.

Precision becomes the engine that runs your pricing and promotions, loading complex pricing rules directly into your ERP or loading the actual prices into your ERP with effective dates and promotional windows. From the primary wholesaler to independent retailers, epaCUBE Precision makes data management and collaboration easy across your entire supply chain.


Vendor cost changes have many effects on your sell prices and margins. epaCUBE Precision provides you with a way to import, manage, analyze and respond to vendor cost changes in the most profitable manner.


Managing pricing at the wholesale level is complex and can have a huge affect on your profitability and your relationships with your retailers. epaCUBE Precision provides you with an easy-to-use wholesale pricing system of record. It deals with the complexities that wholesalers face with multiple products, customers, warehouses, vendors and more.


epaCUBE Precision provides a very robust solution to retail pricing. It provides you with a single system to manage and analyze customer and item segments, competitor pricing, promotions, POS data and more.


epaCUBE Precision provides you with the perfect solution to manage your promotions, rebates, claimbacks and chargebacks across your entire enterprise. You will be in full control of your sell-side ads, promotions, chargebacks, store-level retails and more.


The epaCUBE Precision Foundation is a cloud-based, multi-enterprise solution that gives you the capability to run the epaCUBE Precision Performance Modules. It includes hosting for “anywhere,” access, security, single user sign-on, ERP integrations, reporting, intake of POS data, components and views, imports and exports, mass maintenance and more.

Data is the key to being relevant to your customer

You need to be in control and know more about your products, prices, promotions than they do. Often our customers – thanks to coupon forums, internet retailers, Yelp, pick your site – have more information about products and pricing and promotions that our own team.

The “Old World” way of doing things has pieces and parts strewn all over the place:

  • Disconnected product data
  • Manual and inconsistent pricing
  • Lacking a single, cloud-based and scalable system
  • Direct store delivery products not integrated
  • Difficult to manage and share competitor checklists, UPCs, etc.

The New World brings everything together in one modern system, from distributor to retailer to shelf tag to promotion to consumer all one, integrated process.