epaCUBE Precision™

From food wholesale to grocery retail. Manage your items, promos, direct store deliveries and more.

Item Management

Item, store, costing, movement, scale items with PLUs, catch weights, recipe management and more.


epaCUBE Precision features an innovative graphical way to visualize and manage your pricing hierarchies and schemes.


Sell-side ads, promotions, chargebacks, store-level retails and more.


Get control of vendor information, buy-side promotions, chargebacks and more.

Data is the key to being relevant to your customer

Take control and know more about your products, prices, and promotions than your customers and your competition. Thanks to coupon forums, internet retailers, Yelp, pick your site – the information about products, pricing and promotions is more critical than ever.

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Direct Store Deliveries

We’ve turned a headache for wholesalers into a strength, letting you manage your DSD products within the same scheme that is used for retail.

Point of Sale

Get the data right where it meets the consumer, with integration and support for POS systems, signage, shelf tags and more.

Decision Support

Access and analyze your most important information with modern, easy-to-use query and report building.

Modern Technology

Safe, secure, scalable and cloud-based architecture that integrates to any ERP system.

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Proven solutions

Put an end to the disorganization nightmare

epaCUBE brings everything together in one modern system. From wholesaler to retailer, from shelf tag to promotion to consumer, all in one integrated process. Avoid these pitfalls that eat into your profit: