From Food Wholesale to Grocery Retail

Manage Your Items, Promos, Direct Store Deliveries and More

epaCUBE Precision for Grocery puts both retailers and distributors in control of their products, pricing and promotions. epaCUBE Precision brings all of your important information together in one modern system, from distributor to retailer to shelf tag to promotion to consumer, in one integrated process.
Say goodbye to outdated technology, disconnected product data, manual and inconsistent pricing, unmanageable DSD information and difficult to manage and share competitor checklists, UPCs and more.
epaCUBE Precision is a complete solution for grocery retail and food wholesale.


Item, store, costing, movement, scale items with PLUs, catch weights, recipe management and more


epaCUBE Precision features an innovative graphical way to visualize and manage your pricing hierarchies and schemes


Sell-side ads, promotions, chargebacks, store-level retails and more.


Get control of vendor information, buy-side promotions, chargebacks and more


We’ve turned a headache for wholesalers into a strength, letting you manage your DSD products within the same scheme that the wholesaler users or if appropriate, manage some of them entirely separately


Get the data right where it meets the consumer with integration and support for POS systems, signage, shelf tags and more


Access and analyze your most important information with modern, easy-to-use query and report building


Safe, secure, scalable and cloud-based architecture that integrates to any ERP system

Data is the key to being relevant to your customer

You need to be in control and know more about your products, prices, promotions than they do. Often our customers – thanks to coupon forums, internet retailers, Yelp, pick your site – have more information about products and pricing and promotions that our own team.

The “Old World” way of doing things has pieces and parts strewn all over the place:

  • Disconnected product data
  • Manual and inconsistent pricing
  • Lacking a single, cloud-based and scalable system
  • Direct store delivery products not integrated
  • Difficult to manage and share competitor checklists, UPCs, etc.

The New World brings everything together in one modern system, from distributor to retailer to shelf tag to promotion to consumer all one, integrated process.